God has done amazing things through Pleasant Valley. But He isn't done yet. 

As simple as it might be to “play it safe” because what we are doing is good, we believe God is up to something great. It takes courage to join Him in that work because God-sized work requires God-sized vision, which means only He can get it done through us. Are you willing to take a risk?

It is in our DNA as a church to accept those God-sized risky challenges.

Much as our church founders invested in our future all those years ago, we see the unique opportunity to invest in those who will come after us by improving our ministry capacity here, radically impacting our growing community, and reaching parts of the world that need the Gospel the most.



This isn't just about a building. 

This is about the very lives and stories of those who are seeking to know more about Jesus today and in the years to come. 

As we reflect on where we have been and who we are as a church, there is a subtle temptation for us to simply strive for more; after all, it seems like more programs, more activities, and more services would lead to more people in attendance and more lives changed.

But that isn’t what God calls us to do. He calls us to love Him and love others through relationships, and that takes individual time and energy on a personal level. More attendees in a worship service are great, but more church members reaching their neighborhood would change our community. More events can be helpful, but more believers engaged in discipleship is transformative.

It is important that as we move through this campaign that we are clear on our purpose. Our ministries over the last decade have out-paced the original purpose of several areas of the building. That hinders us from living out our values of strengthening families, creating safe spaces for children and students to learn more about Jesus and connecting with each other in worship. While we are recalibrating areas in the building where these life connections happen, we must always remain focused on the fact that this isn’t about a building. This is about the very lives and stories of those who are seeking to know more about Jesus both today and in the years to come that drive our purpose to take new ground.


This vision needs the gifts of every family, and every believer.

We moved to our current campus in 1997. We were surrounded by farmland, but the forecasted growth in this corner of the Northland was expected to be huge.  Now, thousands of families live in neighborhoods where fields once stood. Schools and businesses have been built all around us. Traffic has exploded, and we have been faithfully welcoming families to join us through every phase of growth.

As the needs of the community have changed, so have we. And today, it is time to make significant adjustments so we can meet the growing demands of today’s families in relevant ways.



This vision needs the gifts of every family, and every believer.

This vision isn’t just for our staff or our church leaders. This isn’t just a building campaign or a fundraising goal. Our vision is for every member of PV to link arms together to be God’s Church and become an unstoppable force for good.

It’s time for each of us to prayerfully consider our role in the next chapter of our church’s amazing story. We believe that greater things are yet to come, and we want to be obedient to go boldly to where God is leading us.