The new preschool area will align with optimal environments that have been created in Cross Street and the Nursery, which have enclosed and secure spaces for children and their families.

This space will foster our philosophy of creating disciples by allowing kids to experience community, worship, and spiritual growth. 

KCLC (PV's weekday preschool program) welcomes over 200 families every school year, and more than half don't have a church home. Our preschool area is the highest and most consistently used weekday space.

We commonly hear children and parents express confusion about how to find rooms in the lower-level ministry areas. The current setup is maze-like, especially for families new to PV.

We will create a secure Preschool suite, like the Cross Street suite and Nursery.

Because of the proximity to the new Lower Level Welcome Center, the distance for families to walk from their cars to the Preschool area will be significantly reduced.



Minimal changes have been made to the student ministry rooms over the past 20 years, even though cultural changes for students have been dramatic during those two decades. 

We want to communicate the invaluable message of: "We were expecting you, and we're glad you're here because you matter."

The Student Center would create a clear "front door" and secure access, eliminating significant overcrowding that can occur in the current south entrance hallway.

A remodeled High School Worship Center will allow for a more engaging environment for worship and teaching and a more relevant space where deeper community among peers can be fostered.

We are currently not optimally fulfilling our mission of the Middle School Ministry: affirm students where they are by ensuring they have a dedicated space that clearly communicates they are valued by the entire church family.

A new Middle School Worship Center would affirm students in this phase of their journey with a space they can call their own. This space would also be flexible enough to accommodate other church-wide events for over 400 people.



The courage required for an un-churched family to attend one of our ministry environments is great enough.

We shouldn't add to that anxiety by not being clear about where their child or student goes once they arrive downstairs.

Imagine if families could be dropped off under a covered entrance to the hub of our children and student ministries. We have the opportunity to create a warm, inviting environment for families to gather as children participate in various weekly ministries. 

By creating a Lower Level Commons, we will be able to present a true "front door" to our children and student ministries by opening up a central hub by which each environment will be easy to find.

Imagine if families could be dropped off under a covered entrance to the hub of our children and student ministries. This quick access would allow families more time to spend learning instead of navigating through long hallways and stairwells.

We have an opportunity to not only create a warm welcome but to also create an environment for families to gather as children participate in ministries such as Upward Sports, PV Kids Wednesdays, Student Ministry, and our weekly preschool program.

The Commons on the main floor has been instrumental in helping people create and build community at PV. We want to replicate that same experience in the Lower Level. An added stairwell (and even a fun slide) would create easy access between these two areas.


The focus of the renovation in the Worship Center will address a few long-standing issues with the space. 

While the preaching and teaching of the gospel hasn't changed, the ways the message is delivered has changed.

Increased connection within the auditorium and the new audio/visual technology will be better to engage the congregation with the message. 

The perceived size of the. space will be dramatically altered to create a stronger, more connected experience between the congregation and those leading worship and teaching.

New, large LED video screen arrays will allow maximum flexibility for projecting high-resolution content to the congregation and upgraded sound systems increase clarity and balanced sound throughout the auditorium.

Sound booth and camera platforms will be relocated to the back of the auditorium and will no longer compromise views from any seats toward the stage.

The stage and seating will be modified to create a closer connection between the congregation and the. pastor. New upholstered seats will be arranged with added space between rows, and sections will be made smaller to promote a greater sense of community.



PV's Local Compassion Outreach strategy is possible thanks to partnership relationships we have with over 20 organizations in the Kansas City area who are committed to serving the needs of community members. 


Ultimately, the goals of our Local Compassion Outreach strategy are
to: build trust in our community, open up avenues for the Gospel, and help PVers live with open hands and open hearts of generosity. 


What would it look like for PV to be known as the most hopeful organization in the city? 


15% of the funds raised through Taking New Ground will be used to help our Local Compassion Outreach partners through initiatives focused on supporting urban childhood education and families who are experiencing homelessness in the Northland. 


Want to see how these initiatives could look? Watch below!


Taking New Ground is an initiative of Pleasant Valley Baptist Church