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We are Taking New Ground... Literally

Two years ago, we, as a church, began pursuing our vision that everyone within our reach can experience the transformation, hope and life found only in Jesus. While our renovation project was put on hold due to the pandemic, Taking New Ground kept moving forward because of your generosity.

We have invested $160,000 in the lives of young scholars at Urban Christian Academy; we invested $60,000 in Hillcrest Hope’s new program to help families stay in their homes, and we gave $100,000 to the Stop Trafficking Project to fight human trafficking in our region.

Today, I’m excited to share that we are literally taking new ground here on the PV campus because construction to create new spaces to serve our PV families with a new lower commons and renovated preschool suite started last week.

A quick snapshot of what is already happening includes:

Architects, construction teams and leadership have been in meetings to finalize details on the space (including the much anticipated slide.)

  • The exterior stairwell was removed

  • The prep work for new footings for the new exterior stairwell has begun

  • Construction walls have been put in place to protect people walking through the basement.

  • Demo has begun in the well

  • A new entry has been created going into the space for the new indoor playground

We have been able to repurpose big items like cabinets so the Grove and River Park (our church plants) can use them as they complete their new church spaces.

We continue to grow closer to hitting our financial goal to complete this phase of the project

We are able to move forward with this because so many of you continued to give even when the world seemed to stop, so thank you for living with open hands and open hearts when things felt uncertain.

We’ll provide frequent updates as the project progresses, so you can see your gifts come to life.

You are champions,



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