A Note From Pastor Merle

Pleasant Valley Baptist Church has been sharing the Gospel, building community and serving those in need for over 70 years.

The methods, the tools and the programs have changed, but the mission has not because it is the very mission that Jesus commanded every body of believers to pursue. Share this Good News. Grow people up in their faith. Love the Lord and your neighbor as yourself. Simple statements that have required millenia of faithful followers to pursue, so the Hope of the Gospel is carried to each generation.

As a church, we’ve been blessed that our ministry has been effective and reached many for Jesus, but there are still those who don’t know that they are the deeply beloved of God. In a society where information and connection is available with a click or a swipe, we find our culture in a crisis for authentic relationships, meaningful purpose, and an overwhelming need for hope.

There has never been a time when the church has been needed more, and it is our responsibility to risk our own comfort for the sake of those who need comforting.

We cannot be content that we’ve reached certain milestones or built certain programs. We must always be asking the Lord how He wants to use us and all he has blessed us with to meet the needs of those around us who are hungry for hope, hungry for family, hungry for safe spaces in order to find freedom from the deep burdens that weigh us down.

There is always a spiritual battle around us. So rather than sit idle or coast because we have a pretty good thing going, we are going to refocus, recalibrate and take new ground in our church and our community so that everyone within our reach can experience the transformation, hope and life found only in Jesus.